Friday, 23 June 2017

Snails, Streams, Slow Worms and Sports Day!

This week in willow class we have been learning all about snails.
In Maths we have been reading 'One is a Snail, 10 is a crab.' It's a number book about animals that have different amounts of feet. It was a really good book and we did so much counting.
We read 'The Snail and the Whale' which is about a snail that goes for a ride on a humpback whale, all around the world and at the end the snail saves the whale. Afterwards we did some writing based on the book.
This week we had a visitor from The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and she took us pond dipping in the ford in Lacock. We were learning all about the different animals and fish you might see in the river and I caught a Bullfish.

We had sports day this week which was so much. I really enjoyed the obstacle course race and I also liked the dressing up race. There was a relay race, egg and spoon and running races. Everybody had a great time and the different houses did really well.

This afternoon Mrs Simms found a slow worm in the garden and we all had a look at it. It was really smooth and soft. It was really long.

Willow blogger of the week: BP

King Arthur, Rainforest Houses and Sports Day!

 Last week in Beech class we went to see a play about King Arthur in Chippenham We had learnt all the songs for the play in class and before the day and then when the orchestra played the songs during the play we all sang along and made sounds with our bodies.
I really liked the way we could all be involved in the play and the actors were great. The orchestra was amazing and my favourite instrument was the violin because it was making creepy sounds in the forest.

Maddison was picked to be a tree in the play and she hid Philadel from King Arthur. I thought she was really brave and played the part well. I would have been too shy!

Last week and this week, we have been learning about Rainforest homes and making our own out of cardboard, string and boxes. Ours had a lift and I enjoyed making it and I loved working with my partner because we are good friends and we had so many good ideas.

This week in school it was sports day. There were 6 races and all of them were really hard to win. My favourite was the 400m because I had to push myself hard at the end. I was so proud of myself. The Egg and spoon race was tricky and I had to concentrate so hard on keeping it on the spoon.

Beech blogger of the week: HF

Chippenham Games

This week in Oak class the year 6's went to Chippenham games to try lots of new activities and to make new friends when we go to secondary school.
Stephanie Millward introduced the games and told us her inspirational story about how she became an Olympic Gold Medalist in the Paralympics.
We started with a parade and then we did Indo boarding which was quite tricky to get balanced but by the end it was easy.

Afterwards we did Yoga and we learned different poses. It was quite easy and relaxing. We did The Cobra, Downward Dog, Upward Facing Dog and Tree pose.

We played Chute Ball, which none of us had ever played before. It was a bit like Netball crossed with Football and we really enjoyed it.
We had our face painted. We had a star, the Olympic medals and black face paints. It was a bit too hot for it and afterwards we ran around the field and it all melted off our faces!!

The whole group learned a special dance to perform at the end. Some of us loved the dancing but the others thought it was terrible but we gave it a go anyway.
We did Rock climbing which was so hard, the platforms were tricky and it was so hot but we did well and only fell off many times.

We tried Archery which was fun. We weren't the best at it but it was fun and we managed to hit the target at least once.

At the end we had a speech from the leader of the council, Jane Scott and we performed the dance which was so much fun.
We really enjoyed the day and it was a great event. We got to try lots of new things and we made new friends for secondary school.

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Friday, 9 June 2017

Beech Class trip Bristol Zoo

This week Beech Class went on a trip to Bristol Zoo because we have been learning all about the Rain Forest.
We went on the bus in the morning which was fun because I got to chat to my friend all the way there.

When we got there, we saw the lions. There were two huge lions who were brothers and they had massive shaggy manes. I didn't really find them scary because they were behind the glass. It was very sad because we learnt that there are less than 350 left in Asia.

After we went to the Twilight room and saw a Sand Cat. It's paws are protected by special sweat glands so they don't get burnt in the hot dessert and they look a little bit like a normal cat. They are really good diggers.
We saw some black and white Penguins that were waddling about. They weren't swimming today but the seals were. They were swimming in the water upside down and we could walk through a tunnel and they swam all around us. It was like we were underwater too.
I really liked the Pigmy Hippoes because they were cute and there was a baby one. We also saw a baby Gorilla with its Mummy.

We had a Rain Forest talk when we were there and we learnt all about camouflage, colours and smells in the Rain Forest. We got to hold Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches, stroke a Milk Snake and a Tenrec (which was like a white hedgehog). I didn't want to hold the Cockroach but lots of my friends did which was so brave!

We had such a fun day at the zoo and I cant wait to go again.
Beech Class Blogger of the Week: LD

Oak Class trip to Bristol Aquarium

This week Oak class went on a bus trip to Bristol Aquarium. The bus trip was quite long and our driver was called Shrek!
When we got there, we were put in to groups and then we got to explore the aquarium. There was a dark area where we saw lots of different types of fish from around the British waters like Pollock, Sea Bass and Jellyfish. We were surprised by some of the fish in our seas, especially the sharks. They were quite small and like dogfish.
There was a giant lobster that was grey and had one huge claw and one little claw. It was living inside a little cave.
There were seahorses inside a big tank and you could go inside a dome that was in the tank and look at the seahorses from inside. They were yellow and we learned that the male seahorse can have up to 100 babies.
There was a big tunnel that you could walk through and the fish could swim all around. There were tropical fish that were really bright and all different colours like electric blue. My favourite was the eels that had yellow spots on them and they lived in the gaps in the coral.
The stingrays were really good and came up to you when you stood by their tank. Their favourite colour was blue. Their faces were really funny and looked like a persons face.
The trip was really good fun because because we got to see lots of fish and learn all about them.
Oak Class Bloggers of the week. FW and AH

A Giant Invades Willow Class!

You wont believe what happened this week in Willow Class! A giant destroyed the class room. He knocked over the chairs, he moved the cabinets and he left enormous footprints everywhere!

The children in Willow Class tidied up and then became inspectors. They had to look at all the evidence by measuring the footprints left on the floor and then of all the children and grownups to make sure it wasn't one of them. Luckily nobody had feet big enough so it must have been a naughty giant in the night!

Friday, 28 April 2017

Jack and the Beanstalk in Willow Class.

This week in Willow we have started our topic called Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been planting beans in pots and we are going to look after them and watch them grow. We need to put them in the sun and give them lots of water. We can't wait to see which ones grow the tallest by measuring them and we will be keeping a bean diary so we see how they grow along the way.

We have also been counting beans and sorting them in to pots which was lots of fun and we even made a go cart for the giant as well as a map so he would know where he was going.

Something exciting happened this week, we had a new girl join Willow class in year one. She says she has had a great week and that Willow class is perfect for her!
We have been doing some shared reading this week too which we really enjoyed.

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