Friday, 17 March 2017

School of Rock!

In Beech class this week we were learning about Rock Music and playing along with our recorders and glockenspiels  which was very funny. It was quite hard but afterwards I was much less confused. I was playing the Glockenspiel. I like Rock Music and we listened to Queen, Status Quo and Deep Purple. My favourite was Deep Purple.

Beech class Blogger of the week-RC

Jez's Fun Facts!

In World War 2, to prevent the Germans from finding out the British had RADAR on their aircraft, the British started a rumour that pilots had excellent vision at night because they ate carrots! Many people still believe this today.

A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.

Wearing headphones for just an hour can increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times. Yuk!

It is physically impossible for pigs to look up in to the sky.

Royal Mail Christmas Stamp Competition

In Beech class this week we were designing our own Christmas stamps as part of a competition with Royal Mail. I'm really hoping one of us wins. 
My stamp was a big snowman with a little boy building it and there was a grey and black Tudor house in the distance. I enjoyed it a lot.

Fair Trade Baking for the Green Cafe

 Last week in Beech class we were baking with fair trade ingredients for the Green Cafe in Lacock.

 We made Rocky Road using fair trade chocolate. We made Apple and cinnamon cupcakes using Fair Trade sugar and cinnamon and we made biscuits using Fair Trade sugar.

 This is me chopping up the apple for the cupcakes and learning how to use the knife safely. It was quite hard and I had aching hands after but it was fun. We had to cut them up quite small which was tricky.

 We were pouring the mix in to the cupcake cases. It was quite easy but some people found it tricky keeping it in the right place.
When we went to school on Monday, we were told we were the winners of the bake off which was so exciting. We won a chef hat and a trophy. Here we are with our prize!
Beech class blogger of the week- RC

Learning about Hieroglyphics

In Beech Class we have been learning about hieroglyphics as part of our Ancient Egypt topic.
In my group we made up a short play about Cleopatra who died from a snake bite. We were showing our class how hieroglyphics were used to tell stories from ancient times.
This is us doing our play.

Beech class blogger of the week-RC

Wow Maths Event at King's Lodge School.

On Tuesday some children from Lacock School went to King's Lodge school in Pewsham for a maths event.

The theme of the morning was triangles, We had to make different shapes out of triangles, like animals. We made a computer game called Ninja's and Weapons. We designed it using big triangles.

After break I learned a really good maths trick. Lets see if it works!
So think of a number between 1 and 10.
Now double it.
Now add 6.
Halve it,
Think of the number you first though of and take that away.
I bet the answer is 3???
When I got home I showed my Mum and she said "WOW."

I thought it was really good and it helped me with my maths by showing me ways to solve problems.

Oak class blogger of the week- WG.

Celebrating St Patrick's Day and Handas's Surprise.

In Willow Class this week we have been reading Handa's Surprise. We have been sorting fruit and vegetables in to groups and we have been describing it using our senses. Yesterday we did smell and touch and today we were using our taste. I thought the fruit was tasty and I liked all of them, even the avocado!

This is us looking at the fruit. We were talking about the different types and sorting them.
This is the book we have been reading. It's called Handa's Surprise and it is about a girl who goes for a walk with a basket of fruit on her head and all the animals pinch her fruit, I really like this book it was funny.

We have been learning about St Patrick's Day and celebrating in our class by mixing the colour green and painting shamrocks with our hands.

Willow class blogger of the week- LT.