Friday, 17 November 2017


In maths this week we have been measuring. The Year 2's were using decimeter strips, strips of 10cm, to measure the length of different objects in the classroom. For some objects we needed to work together to measure them as they were too long!

The Year 3's were using meter sticks to compare the heights of the children in our class. We then had to covert the cms into meters before recording them in a table and made a block graph.

Message in a bottle

In Beech class we discussed what the essential items would be if we were stranded on a desert island. these were things like medicine and water.
We then wrote these down and put them in a bottle as a message for somebody to find. We then decorated the bottles with tissue paper to look like desert islands.

Beech class baking for children in Need

On Tuesday Beech class baked ginger bread men, fairy cakes, caramel shortbread and chocolate crispie cakes.
They were sold at the bake sale at the end of the day. The whole school raised £160 for Children in Need.

Oak football

Seven members of Oak class took part in a football tournament.
The first match we won 2:0, then the second we lost. We then drew the last match and the score was 1:1.
 We came third with four points. Each match was eight minutes long.
It was exciting but at first it felt terrifying and then we were not nervous because we learned to just go for it.
Oak blogger P.A

Superstar writers in Willow class

Reception children showed off their amazing writing skills this week. They have been learning lots of sounds in their phonics lessons and are beginning to put them together to create some simple three letter words.

Anti Bullying Week in Willow Class

This week is anti bullying week and to highlight the effects of bullying on individuals, willow class took part in an experiment.
 We had two apples and we passed around the first apple and told it lovely things and gave it compliments. The second apple was passed around and we said unkind things and called it horrible names.

When both apples had been passed around, we put the apples together and looked at them to see if there had been any changes. Everyone agreed that both apples looked the same and there was no difference.

We then cut both apples open and looked at the inside of them. The apples that received all the kind words was lovely and normal but when the apples that had the unkind words said to it was cut open, it was covered in bruises.

We then talked about what had happened and the children could see that the apple that was bullied and told unkind things was bruised on the inside. We talked about how unkind words can hurt us on the inside and cannot be taken back.

All the children wore blue today to show their support for anti bullying week.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Feely Box in willow class

 In Willow class this week we were learning about our senses and how our fingers send messages to our brains. We made a feely box which was full of all sorts of different things to feel like cauliflowers, pine cones and feathers.